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433 North Main Street | Glen Ellyn, Illinois | 630-793-9955



fire + wine was a concept over three years in the making. It was an idea brought to life when operators Michael & Anthony Vai met the locally renowned Chef Brian Goewey, and the three realized that each of them had the right skill set, values and tireless work ethic needed to bring fire + wine to life. There were a couple things they all agreed on...

The food had to be fresh and prepped daily.  The kitchen could never be a place where anything was over-prepared in an effort to save on time. Ambiance had to be a combination of comfortable, cool, easy going, fun and classy. Knowledgeable and helpful staff were a must. Service, in a deeper sense, is a guidepost... they wanted to treat everyone as if they were guests in their homes. 

When those tenets came together, fire + wine was born. Since opening in 2012, our "Italian inspired" restaurant has become a cornerstone of downtown Glen Ellyn dining. The team has expanded to include a management team trained from the ground up in all of core values the restaurant was founded on. We love food and good hospitality, and we hope to share that love with you soon.

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