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fire + wine implements what we call our "priority seating" list in lieu of traditional reservations. We take a limited number of names per time slot, who are given priority over walk-in tables. Because this not a reservation, tables who use our priority (or "call ahead" seating) may still have a brief wait, but it will be significantly shorter than those who have not called ahead.

Priority Wait List vs. Reservations…

We seat the entire restaurant until it is full. Then, the groups that are on our priority wait list are seated prior to other groups that are coming in around the same time. Operating with a priority wait list basically means that once we are on a wait, everybody waits. We cannot guarantee that a table will be available upon arrival. Due to many of our customers enjoying their time at fire + wine, we can only estimate when your table will be ready if there is a wait. Our goal is to seat parties on our priority seating list in half the time - if not less - of the time for walk-in tables. 

Does It Help? Absolutely! We're very lucky to be as busy as we are, and we go on a wait on most nights. Wait times for people who are not on the priority list can vary based on many factors involved on any given night. During “peak hours” on busy nights, it is not uncommon for groups walking in to be quoted upwards of an hour wait time. During those same “peak hours," people on the priority list enjoy the luxury of being sat much quicker.

Please note...

We Do Not Hold Tables

We seat in order of arrival, giving the “call ahead priority seating list,” priority. Larger groups of 6 or more are planned for accordingly. Once our seats are full, we are dependent upon tables becoming available, at our customers’ pace.

We Only Seat Complete Parties

During peak hours, we will only seat groups that are complete. If your group is not complete, we will sit the group after you. Once your group is complete, we will give you priority for the next table available.

Groups staying longer than the anticipated times will affect seating for other groups waiting.

How can I be added to the priority list?

We begin adding names to our priority seating list days, weeks, and months in advance - so as soon as you have solidified your plans call us at 630-793-9955 to be added to the list! This is especially helpful for larger groups and weekends, as those time slots can fill up quickly! Please note - we are not able to accept names for our priority list online, so please call the restaurant if you would like to be added!

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