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employment application

We may be open every day of the year. Are you available to work the following days?
What is your availability?
A training schedule will require you to work both nights and days consecutively. Arrangements will need to be made if you have other obligations during training. Are you willing to reschedule so that you may complete training?
Do you have any special schedule request that may conflict with the above availability? (e.g., vacation, school, reserve duty, holidays, etc.)
Are you employed now? If yes, what is the length of time required for your notice?
Highest education completed
Upload File
Have you ever been discharged from a job?
Have you ever worked at fire + wine before?

Employment Policy

It is the Company’s policy to provide equal employment opportunity in conformance with all applicable law. It is the employee’s responsibility and obligation to keep all personal information updated.


I declare that I am qualified to perform all the duties of the position that I am seeking. I also declare that the information I have provided on this applications correct and that any false statements or omissions will justify my rejection or dismissal. I authorize the company to contact any of my previous employers as well as any reference source to verify the facts and information that I have furnished regarding my qualifications and character. I authorize any person(s) having knowledge to provide such information in good faith. I authorize the company and its agents to verify and information related to my application or resume. I also authorize individuals, schools, employees, and law enforcement or government officials to freely release any information concerning my background, and hereby release any and all of them from any liability for doing so. I will agree to a drug test, if permitted by law to be paid for by the company. If employed by the company, I understand that I will be an employee at will and that my employment with the company may be terminated at any time by myself or fire + wine for any reason whatsoever. I further understand that if employed by the company, it is an employee at will and that any such modification must be in writing. Finally, I understand that this is not not only an application for employment and an offer of nor contract of employment and no part of this application shall be construed as an offer of employment or an employment contract.

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